This is a post. This is only a post.

01 May
This is a post. This is only a post.

This was an accident, not a test. I didn’t mean to start a blog. It just happened. Alex made me do it. But since I’m here…


This will be the most bad ass blog in the entire universe! The chicks will DIG it man, I’m telling you! We could get two chicks at once by reading this blog, you gotta believe me!


Robin… Shut it. There’s no way we can pick up chicks with this blog. Hate to break it to you. Besides – what would YOU do with two chicks? Or even with one for that matter…

I suppose the real purpose of this is to share recipes and general family stories. Doesn’t sound very exciting – comparatively speaking… I would hate to dissapoint Robin, so with my first post, I will also include instructions on how to pick up two chicks at once (see below).

Who the hell am I? I am Nicole. I have a husband, 3 kids, 8 chickens (I think), 2 dogs, a cat, 2 veggie gardens and not much sanity!

Find two chicks who hang out with a third chick regularly.
Go to their local hangout place.
Approach cautiously, affecting that you are more interested in their friend than in either of them.
Chat them up for a moment – “Hey Girl, your eyes put the stars to shame, and your friend has a smile that would blind the sun…”
Now, while their guard is down and they are mentally making fun of your pickup lines, turn and GRAB THE FIRST ONE!
The second one will be running wild, so chase her down too, keeping hold of the first one tightly, but not too tightly.
The best way to grab chickens is by the feet, minimizing damage to any part of the chick, but if you can, get a hold of themover the wings, this will effectively keep them from flapping too much and injuring themselves or scaring you.
Congratulations Robin, you now have a chick on each arm!

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